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Cara-Ann Simpson

consultant | heritage expert | artist | entrepreneur

I have a diverse background with executive director and management positions within heritage, tourism, arts, festival and land management sectors. Particular strengths include:

  • Developing and implementing innovative and annual programming with a focus on community engagement, local partnerships and fundraising under cohesive branding and marketing frameworks;
  • Building and expanding audiences and visitation through programming, marketing and partnerships;
  • Collaborating with, and reporting to, constituent groups including boards, staff teams, volunteers, committees and external stakeholders;
  • Retaining and building strong teams within staffing and volunteering structures to create environments conducive to safe work practices;
  • Management and delivery of budgets;
  • Successfully write applications, implement & acquit funding sourced from a broad range of bodies including local, state & federal governments, philanthropic organisations, and trusts & charities, as well as use various crowdfunding platforms; and
  • Creation and implementation of forecast business and strategic plans.

Last year I became extremely ill and was subsequently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after many months of investigations and hospitalizations. This journey has given me more, in so many ways, to contribute & give back to my community:

  • from gaining new perspectives, &
  • understanding of chronic illness and pain,
  • to knowing the range of support networks available to people with illnesses and disabilities, &
  • the hardship that many people face when they are unexpectedly & quickly struck with an illness and/or disability.

This is not an easy path, but I am looking forward, giving myself more room for change, and seeing a future full of rewarding possibilities.
Please read my full biography here.

I am available for management & policy development consultation, as well as half day arts education seminars using my well-received 3-part course smART Moves, Making & Shows. If you are interested please visit my consulting page.


Please note that all views expressed on this website are my own and do not necessarily reflect associated organisations and institutions.