image Noise Cancellation: disrupting audio perception

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Spectral Medical Imaging

Over the past year (2017/18) I have had a lot of MRIs, the images are incredible, beautiful and scary – a tiny ‘blip’ could be damage that can never be recovered, or cause any number of my MS symptoms.

Having a disability means being stronger & smarter in many ways – you find alternative methods of solving problems that fall within your abilities. Initially I struggled against this, but the longer I am ‘disabled’ the more I realise that my disability offers me new opportunities to perceive the world.

This artwork uses real MRIs of my brain, which I have overlaid with text and spectrographs (sound waves). The spectrograph is a recording: “Build an inclusive culture, rather than ask a person to fit around an existing closed culture.” The spectrographs are only overlaid on approximately 1 in 5 images; this is the same statistic of people that have a disability in Australia (ABS). That’s a whopping 20% of our population!

Whether you are develop a disability, or are born with disability, it doesn’t change the person you are, and most definitely doesn’t mean you can’t be part of society. From Stephen Hawking to Frida Kahlo and Stevie Wonder, disability doesn’t have to be a setback – it can provide insight & inspiration!

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